Sole Protector

Sole Protector

Durable sole protector a pair of your shoes. It looked like you stepped on something that poked a hole through the protector and on to your sole. It is not easy to remove! Like peeling months old duct tape from your walls, you don’t rip it off.

Brand new sole protectors are sturdy and robust. The color exactly matches. It’s not such a terrible non-match that it would annoy an average person. If you’re expecting this to match the bottoms of your Louboutins exactly, you will be disappointed. So prepare yourself.

Another cool thing is that two square pads are pretty big, so it only took one of them to cover both of your shoes. Cut it in half diagonally and then tailored to each of your so kate’s bottoms. These are pretty good at stopping friction so that you won’t fall. Use several hours and walked on asphalt, carpet, and tile. It was very pleasing that when you were on slippery shiny tiles. The bottoms had a good grip, and even though your heels were slipping. The front of your feet held you in place. If it weren’t for the sticky soles, you would have fallen. The stickers are hard, very much in place, and there is no sign of them peeling off. These are amazing. It helps you not slide around on carpets or slippery floors. The obvious ones get you closest to the red color of the sole. But the red one is best for covering up worn or scratched up soles.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your shoe sole from damage with a premium thin rubberized layer on the area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground.
  • The cover is both textured and rubberized to grip more like a tennis shoe instead of the typical smooth bottom of most heels.
  • The rubber is soft enough not to scratch floors but is also resilient to most oils and other chemicals.
  • It covers any damage or imperfections already on the shoe sole. It is flexible and will conform to the curves of most feet.
  • Cleans easily to help keep the bottoms looking new.
  • Self-adhesive design that can be easily cut to the shape of any shoe in any size.

Shoe Bottoms brings you our shoe protectors. They are made of a premium rubberized coating designed to make your heel’s smooth bottom grip more like an athletic shoe. It will also act as a shield, protecting the bottom of the shoe from damage.


We don’t sell shoes; we sell products to make your shoes look better. What other product do you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on, and then literally WALK on them?!

How many pairs of shoes do you own that you love, but don’t wear them because you don’t want to ruin them? Shoes are an investment, and you should protect your investment so you can keep them looking new for two years, not just two nights.

Instructions are included.

Works best with any shoe with a heel and a smooth bottom (pumps, stilettos, boots, peep toe, etc.). For colors, wedges, flats, single and multi-packs, see our other items for sale on amazon.

Sole Protector

Sole protector, from amazon

Sole Protector

Sole protector, from amazon

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