Sole Savers

Sole Savers

Buy this sole saver to help you walk in a cute pair of pumps you couldn’t resist, but the heel was a little too high for your comfort level. The easy-to-apply sole savers (You did wipe the soles of the shoes with alcohol before you stuck on the pads for better adhesion) gave the grip you needed to walk in sky-high heels without fear of slipping. You love that they come in a three-pack so you can put them on all your highest heels.

The Sole Savers are fantastic for your shoe. The adhesive used is impressive and sticks to the shoe soles incredibly. They help immensely in MN winters. They will also preserve leather soles. You have a large number of shoes, and these are a shoe life-saver. If you bought these because you slip and slide in your Toms shoes all the time, these are super easy to trim down to size and apply easily to any shoe.

We’ve found it helpful to use a hairdryer to “warm” your shoe first, and then apply the self-adhesive sole to the shoe. Then you’ll use the hairdryer again to ensure the adhesive is warm to the shoe. Then put your shoe on and stand for a good five or so minutes to ensure the product stuck. We prefer to work on one shoe at a time, but I’m sure it would be fine if you did both boots at once.

Verified Amazon Customer Review

I got these for my wife. She has a few pairs of shoes that are very “squeaky” on the floors at her job, so she stopped wearing those shoes to work because it was driving her crazy! She put these anti-slip pads on a pair of her favorite squeaky shoes and BAM! No more noise! She is pleased. Happy wife = Happy life! Hahaha. She also mentioned that she feels more secure with the anti-slip feature as well. I would recommend that you thoroughly clean the bottom of your shoes before applying these pads to make sure they stay stuck. Nothing sticks well to dir.

Features and Benefits

Protect the Sole: most of the self-adhesive soles pads will melt in the sole and cannot be removed after some time, while our self-adhesive soles pads can still tear off the whole piece after several months of use, ensuring no damage to the sole and more comfortable replacement. Choosing our product is the real protection of the sole, not the irreversible damage that self-adhesive will do to your sole after a few months of use.

Super Durable Design: the thickness of each piece of our anti-slip stickers is between 1.5-1.8mm. This thickness is unique to our brand, which is different from the 1mm thickness of other brands of anti-slip stickers. Because of the depth, the wear resistance is stronger, which can avoid frequent replacement.

Special Anti-slip Design: we use granular anti-slip design, different from other brands of grid anti-slip. The more contact points, the better the anti-slip effect. Each piece of us has up to 1100 anti-slip particles to ensure smooth floor walking.

Directions for Use: Easy to use, peel off, and place the adhesive pad on the sole and press firmly. If you apply to old shoes, please clean and dry the surface thoroughly and then remove paper backing and press securely into place. Rub to remove air bubbles. Last, leave it for a few hours to dry before first use.

100% Money-Back: Makryn is your best choice. Our products are rigorously tested and made with love because we believe that you deserve the best. We remove all risk. You do not need to worry about getting a dud product as we promise to return your money if you are not happy with your purchase.

Sole Savers

Sole Savers, from amazon

Sole Savers

Sole Savers, from amazon

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