Stove In A Can

Best Stove In A Can 2021!

This Stove In A Can is way too large to carry camping if you’re a backpacker, but this is a very neat and easy-to-use system you keep in your car. Set up is easy. We love the bricks. The lifetime shelf life is a super plus and can be broken into smaller pieces of other uses. We highly recommend it for those who might be bug-out the situation and have your car with you. Extra water, food, clothes, and this thing would make you really comfortable until help could arrive.

Stove In A Can is a new and all-in-one patented cooking platform that makes the ideal recreational and emergency stove. Perfect as a heat source, for cooking in emergencies, as a food storage companion, lightweight and reliable camping or backpacking stove, cooking burgers and brats at the tailgate party, or simply roasting hot dogs marshmallows in the backyard. Stores safely long-term for cooking or boiling water when an emergency hits and power goes out – an essential component of any food storage/preparation plan.

Not subject to legal storage limits like propane and gasoline. Fuel cells do not “bleed off” or decline over time like propane canisters. Simpler, sturdier, more weatherproof, and more durable than traditional propane or canister stoves. Unlike gelled alcohol (Sterno, etc.) stoves, Stove In A Can burns like a wood campfire – hot enough to boil water quickly – and unlike tablet fuel (Esbit, Triox, etc.), Stove In A Can is not made of toxic chemicals. Environmentally friendly – the packaging IS the product; it can be lit, used, extinguished (by placing the lid back on the can), and re-used multiple times. Fuel cells can be partially burned, extinguished (with the lid), and easily re-lit.

Soot from cooking remains on the inside of the can while the outside remains clean – unused fuel cells and metal components can be securely and portably stored inside the can after use and then used again later. Because the Stove In A Can is not an “open pit” fire, it can often be used where campfires are not permitted. Works well in windy, rainy, and sub-freezing conditions. Fuel cells can be completely submerged underwater for multiple days, removed, and lit immediately with ease after merely shaking the water off. Fuel cells also serve as amazing fire starters in extreme weather conditions. Will support up to 300lbs.

About this item

  • A unique and patented all-in-one cooking platform that boils water in 5 minutes after fully ignited and cooks for 4 to 5 hours.
  • Each Stove In A Can include everything necessary for cooking – 4 fuel cells (app. 1 hour of cooking time each), fuel ring, cooking ring.
  • Uses a safe, water-resistant, non-explosive fuel source that can be stored indefinitely.
  • 1/2 gallon can weigh app. 2.75lbs (with fuel cells).
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, food storage, emergency and survival, 72-hour kits – great gift idea!

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