Tarp Poles

We hope you love these Tarp Poles. Poles have outstanding quality and safety caps. It doesn’t take time to remove them. You used these on your camping trip or your vintage trailer. There is no problem with high winds. You didn’t feel lousy experience or any difficulties with these poles. Tarp Poles are accessible up and smooth down. You should purchase these again. Poles came with their storage bag.

You may buy these for holding up a tarp for your kayak camping or having a general use of other shelter camping with your family. Its make your first impressions are fantastic. Tarp Poles very well fit together as well in fact as you extend them. You can hear air rushing in behind them and displace as you collapse them. Extended and locked in place, there are zero lateral movements. The sections before being locked in a home and they have maybe an eighth of an inch of progress. They are perfect, and then you’re expected collapsed and well within what you can hike in on a pack or stash in a kayak. A little heavy, but we have no doubts you’ll get many years of reliable use out of these. If you ever need more of these, please don’t hesitate to order them again.

These poles are upper to the chintzy ones with the round metal clips and lock up securely. Poles won’t collapse when a wind gust lifts the tarp into the air. You attached loops to the built-in poles for the awning. Then hammered long spikes (tent stakes) beside them and connected them with reusable tie wraps. These poles will keep them in place, no matter how much wind.

Customer Review

  1. I was using the poles. It prevents the tent from falling away during a high wind. The wind was blowing 30 to 40 mph, and it rained an inch in one hour. The wind blew hard all night, and the poles were in still place the next morning.

You must like these light poles compact and make sure to lock them securely. It’s had the infinite adjust-ability, and no extra poles need to section together. These tarp poles have a thoughtful design of the rubber boot over the metal tip, allowing it to have the center of a tarp. Over it without puncturing the tarp or remove the boot. It has a regular metal tip to put through a grommet, or anchor into the ground.  You are going to find a pole that is so compact yet will extend to over 7′.


BETTER, BLACK ANODIZED ALUMINUM POLES: Expertly support temporary tarps, awnings, and tents with THE ORIGINAL longest and shortest aluminum tent poles, 4-section design. Poles shrink to 2ft. 9.5in. And extend to 8ft. 2.8in., and weight 1.1 lbs each. Pole supports up to 35 pounds.

TEAR- AND SLIP-FREE TARP POLES: Uniquely designed removable stainless steel screw tips or the ORIGINAL silicon tip cover eliminate punctures when used to support tarp centers. Reinforced rubber bottom cup prevents slippage, serves as convenient storage for metal tips, and has a metal ring to protect against ripping. Plus, our camping poles fit ALL grommets.

COLLAPSE-PROOF DESIGN: Our unmatched rotary expansion lock mechanism reliably interlocks, removing the threat of vertical collapse.

GREEN ELEPHANT’S PROMISE: Our 1-year guarantee backs our original tent poles, so you’re sure to get the best adjustable poles around. We pride ourselves on our top-ranked customer service, so you’ll always receive the best support from our international brand! Plus, you get 2 FREE reflective stickers with each set!

BEST QUALITY DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Discover why outdoor enthusiasts prefer Green Elephant poles: They’re durable, waterproof, rust-proof, lightweight, and easy to carry in the premium carrying case. Don’t compromise quality for convenience; with Green Elephant, you can have both!

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Tarp Poles

Tarp Poles

Tarp Poles

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