Trigger Gaming for PUBG

PLAYING WITH 4 FINGERS – Trigger Gaming for PUBG

Easy To Use, High Sensitive, Physical Button Feedback. Using our mobile game controller, you can move, angle adjusts, aim, and shoot simultaneously with the left and right hand’s thumbs and index fingers.


Designed for game players to play PUBG mobile, Fortnite Mobile, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Knives Out, and the other mobile games. Suppose you are looking for an external device to enhance the mobile game experience. This item could be the best choice.


Compared with similar products, our mobile gaming controller uses a unique clip design that provides long-lasting elasticity and protects the screen from scratches. High-quality ABS conductive plastics are durable, and the minimalist design reduces the use of the phone screen and avoids the occlusion of the phone camera and the map in the game.


Compatible with most iPhone and Android Phones [less than 11mm thickness mobile phone with 4.5-6.5 inch screen], the phone can be used with a screen protector and a phone case.


1mm Anti-misoperation Design Avoid accidental pressing of the mobile phone’s side buttons(such as volume buttons, power buttons, and so on) in-game. It avoids blocking the camera of phones, such as the iPhone X.


Our mobile game controller has the lowest screen usage in similar products, and it can’t affect the fluency of the game operation.


Recommended Purchase 1 SetButton & Grip, the grip is a design based on Human engineering, and you can use the grip while charging. There is no trouble with power shortage. Do not feel tired after a long time of using the clasp. It improves the experience of playing mobile games.


Before playing the game, customize your shoot and aim buttons(in button setting for the match) under the touchpad of our mobile gaming controller.

About the product

  1. Elastic material to improve the adsorption surface, the joystick can be fixed on any mobile phone, has excellent paste ability, will not scratch the touch screen.
  2.  It can be easily removed without leaving any scratches or residue and is extremely durable.
  3.  Mini Mobile Joystick will give you the best precision and comfort for the touch screen wankgames.
  4.  Easy to use and never covering game. No wires, Bluetooth, or battery needed, paste it on the screen to start playing
  5.  It helps to relieve finger pressure by merely pressing the pressure on the screen of the phone, allowing the player to completely abandon the analog joystick and enjoy a variety of complex games.
  6. Perfect compatibility – any game with a certain kind of screen control panel is suitable for mobile joysticks. It is compatible with all touch screen devices.
  7.  Suitable for mobile phones width 6.6- 8cm

Package weight: 0.128 kg
Product size: 10.00 x 3.50 x 3.00 cm / 3.94 x 1.38 x 1.18 inches
Package size: 10.50 x 10.00 x 3.70 cm / 4.13 x 3.94 x 1.46 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Games Controller

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