Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights is adorable and fun to play. You don’t know If this has occurred to anyone else. The two batteries are connected in series to provide 6vdc. However, you can replace one of the cells, with a shiny copper penny or a wad of aluminum foil. Which will act as a pass-through to provide the LEDs with the only 3vdc? They’ll still light up but at reduced brightness. So far, they’ve been illuminated for over 24 hours and still bright enough to be of use. Lights after 150 hours on, and it’s very, very dim but still visible in a darkened room.

You used it for a little decor project in your new dining area with Polaroid photos, and they are just darling low lights. If you’ve bought these and they never disappoint you. These twinkle lights are very nice warm white. They look lovely on your mantle at Christmas with greenery around. Each light string takes two batteries, and they did not seem to last very long in your estimation for just a couple of days. To get the cells out, you must remove four tiny screws.

Twinkle Lights are amazing and stayed lit for four full days and use them in birdcages. You are hunger from trees in your yard during your wedding. Make secured the wire to the top of the cage and spiraled them to the bottom, then put tulle inside around the lights. You couldn’t believe how long the batteries lasted. You left them on to test it as you will use them again and now if you have a ballpark figure of 100 hours of working time. These lights are perfect for what you needed. I hope this test helps others to know the battery capacity. You use one strand in the small cage and two strands in the large pen.

Love these little twinkle lights for any craft project. You like these better than using the strand (Christmas) lights because these have a battery. The best part is you replace instead of having and don’t need to purchase another strand of lights.

Product description

The LED Starry copper wire Twinkle Lights composed of Bright White Warm Color Micro LEDs that don’t overheat, giving a light fairy effect. After hours of use, they are entirely safe to touch without risk of burns. The LED Twinkle Lights are safe for children over three years and for pets. It’s the perfect decoration for girls’ and teenagers’ rooms. The ambiance that they emit is relaxing. Twinkle Lights apt for both indoor and outdoor settings. These hanging led wire lights are suitable for wedding decorations.

About the product

  • 7 Feet in length
  • The light string is submersible.
  • Battery pack, not submersible.
  • Lights Include on and off switch.21 Hours of battery life.
  • The small battery pack is easy to hide.
  • Low voltage, for spare batteries.

Package included

6 x led starry string lights

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights

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