Unicorn Gag Gifts  

Unicorn Gag Gifts

About the product

  • Stuffed animals have never been this fun or this funny.
  • Just squeeze Sparkle Toots’ taco bag for unicorn toots!
  • You’ll hear hilarious phrases like “Don’t squeeze me, I’ll toot!” or “Do you want to see how rainbows are made?”
  • Both kids and adults love Sparkle Toots, and their first reactions are genuinely priceless.
  • Each Sparkle Toots Special Deluxe Edition Box Set includes one Sparkle Toots plush, two temporary unicorn tattoos, and an exclusive poster!
  • Sparkle Toots is an 8″ plush made from 100% Polyester Fiber and is recommended for ages 3+.
  • Makes toot noises when squeezed — no danger of unicorn poo.
  • The perfect gift. Makes a great gift for any day or occasion.

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