Using the laptop at night, it’s a widespread activity in our life at home or outdoors. Maybe outdoors were no overhead lights. If your keyboard is black – the natural color – and it isn’t backlit. You probably can’t see the keys well enough to type. This little USB LED Light solves the problem! It’s almost TOO MUCH light. I’m guessing that it would still provide plenty of illumination of your keyboard with only 4 LEDs.

You can use USB LED Light on different home PCs or your office. Use to illuminate the keyboards and desk area. The light neck is so long and holds the bend very well. USB LED Lights are perfectly bright and produce no heat. The only complaint is no on or off switch/button. The light stays on if your computer is on. They are probably more suited for portable devices than a home PC set up — an excellent deal for the price look at the photos below for size comparison to a keyboard.

You also purchased this USB LED Light for your stationary bike. That LED light doesn’t have backlighting on the readout screen. This light exceeds your needs. What makes this light beautiful is that a USB plug on your bike powers the lights. The gooseneck is a little over 10″ long, flexible, yet stiff enough that it doesn’t sag (at least not yet, and hopefully it won’t). The clip opened wide enough to mount on the bike screen panel, and there are soft pads on the bottom of the clip.

Customer Review

  1. This product seems very well made, and for the under-$6.00 price (about the same as you would pay for an economy computer mouse), even if it failed in a year or two, I’d consider it a good value. People pay $6.00 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and that lasts what, maybe a half-hour? I only need to use this light two or three times a month, so I expect it will probably outlive the laptop I bought it to use with. If it’s too much light, you can easily block some of the LED’s with small pieces of electrical tape or masking tape to customize the output to suit you. Some reviewers have complained that there’s no on/off switch: I think that’s a benefit, as there are fewer moving parts to fail — my overall rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

The three levels of brightness is also a plus. It is very long, as seen in the picture. It’s almost the length of your arm. It is easily flexible and stays in place. It is perfect. Exactly what you were looking for! I hope the pictures are helpful for your buying needs.

The stalk is stiff enough to hold shape, yet not so potent that it’s difficult to roll back up and put away in your laptop bag when you are done using it. The LED’s are inset somewhat so that the outer rim of the plastic head shades them from your view. This easy to find an orientation of the head that lights up the keyboard, yet doesn’t put a glare on the screen (at least not much) and doesn’t shine in your eyes. The light output is so bright that you could use this gadget in a pinch to light up a whole room. Say there was a power failure, so the room lights weren’t working, but you had your laptop with a full battery. This USB LED Light would be a pretty decent emergency light source for however long the laptop’s battery would last.


  • Super bright USB light with eight long-life LED bulbs. Up to 80,000 hours of illumination.
  • Light illuminates your keyboard without disturbing or upsetting others.
  • Flexible gooseneck design for optimum visibility and precise lighting, Retail packaged, perfect for personal and corporate gifts.
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day cash-back guarantee if not suitable for your purpose.




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