Whiskey Stones Gift Set


Whiskey Stones Gift Set

A decent product and the quality and presentation are excellent. It was able to add some chill to your scotch. The box and condition are unique for a gift to your son-in-law. Whiskey Stones Gift Set is a nice little pack of stones.

Product description

Why you would like Barleo Whiskey Stones Gift Set:

1. Small gift big blessings: Save your worry about the meaningful gifts for various occasions,  Barleo whiskey stones gift set is suitable for birthday, housewarming, retirement, Christmas, anniversary, etc.

2. Classical and affordable luxury: Whiskey was firstly created to use as a digestive aid. That’s why whiskey got its name “the water of life.” Cooling the liquor by whiskey stones, drinking only the real taste of the whiskey represents some loyal fans’ respect for this brilliant distilled spirit.

NOTE: Whiskey stones can only chill drinks slightly, it means to help whiskey releasing the flavors and tasted smoother. The cooling effects of whiskey stones can’t be compared with ice cubes!

Wooden box: 3.9” x 3” x 1.4”

Whiskey stones: 0.8” x 0.8” x 0.8”

Weight: 270g.


Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones, from amazon


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